Our main museum building is the original 1936 “K” type wheat bin which is believed to be the oldest in preservation; it is one of our Heritage Listed Exhibits that displays the construction skills and practical innovation that were evident early in the last century.

The “Wheat Bin” displays a collection of Vintage Vehicles, Horse and Wagon equipment, Antique Agricultural Tools and Agricultural Machinery from our past.

Vintage Vehicles – Horse Drawn Equipment, etc


A selection of Vehicles from the 1920’s to 1940’s

The 1936 Wheat Bin is an exhibit area that has a great background with a rare and diverse collection of agricultural based equipment which includes but is not restricted to vintage vehicles, several horse drawn carriages and drays, stock saddles and harness gear, bag lifters, seed cleaners, several sunshine harvesters, pickeler’s, stripper harvesters, roller mills, stationary engines, harvester binders, wool presses, shearing plant’s, weight scales, chaff cutters, grain crushers, railway gear, lathes and other workshop equipment, 32v gen sets and a selection of vintage vehicles.

Some of the many exhibits you will find in “The Wheatbin” include those listed below, please visit the “Gallery Page” to see images of this and many other displays.

  • 1942 Chevrolet Truck
  • Austin 7
  • 1927 Graham Brothers Truck
  • 1934 Commer Truck 30CWT
  • 1927 Detroit Dodge Brothers Truck
  • 1926 Dodge Sedan with Gas Producer
  • 1925 International Truck
  • 1929 Ford A Model Truck
  • 1929 Chevrolet Truck
  • 1924 Model T Ford
  • 1925 Model T Ford
  • 1954 Econo Fodder Roller
  • 1920 Horwood Bagshaw Winnower
  • Victorian Harvester made by Steel Roller Co
  • 1926 International Harvester Binder
  • 1920 John Shearer Stripper Harvester
  • 1952 Alice Chalmers “Rolo Baler”