The Museum covers several acres of a railway reserve and it is a heritage listed site, the eastern and western yards exhibit many machines that we hope to have undercover in future years before nature can deliver too much damage.

Some of the yard content includes road and agricultural machinery dating back to the 1930s, tools, vintage vehicles (including the rare FWD Truck from the 1920’s), railway worker accommodation and ablutions from last century, railway hardware along with heritage listed carriages, etc from last century, a 1920 model – 100HP single cylinder stationary engine weighing in at 7 ton with a 7’ flywheel.

Many other displays are held within these large open spaces including a 1920’s working “Blacksmiths Shop” relocated from a farm site and currently under construction.

The Yards Display Many Pieces of Agriculture Equipment
The Western Yard Running Short on Space
Rolling Stock -2 Heritage Listed Carriages
Railway Worker Accommodation and Stations from the 1950’s